1. Is anyone present to help with the use of the machines?

A: Yes. During the ironing time there is always someone available to help with the use of the machines. From Monday to Friday between 10am and 7pm, and on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. Outside these hours you can always call these numbers for help: 936253094/5.

2. What are the working hours of the self service laundry

A: The self service laundry is open from 7am to 11pm every day of the year.

3. Do you iron the clothes?

A: Yes. We offer personalized ironing services. We charge by the item, but also have monthly bundles and mixed bundles with washing and drying.

4. What are the ironing hours?

A: The ironing service is available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. These hours may be changed. Check our social networks.

5. How do the washing machines work?

A: The 13Kg washing machines open automatically when the washing program ends. On the 22kg machine, you need to pull the door firmly at the end of the washing program.

6. How do the dryers work?

A: During the drying cycle you can change the temperature, and the door can be opened to remove or place items.

7. Do I need to bring detergent and softener?

A: No, that is not necessary. Detergent, sanitizer and softener are included in the washings.

8. How long does it take to wash and dry?

A: The duration of the washing cycle depends on the selected program, but they usually last about 50 min.

The drying cycle is 15 minutes, which you can repeat if you find it necessary.

9. Can I bring comforters, blankets, curtains, rugs for washing and drying?

A: Yes. If they are too big, you can wash and dry them in our 22 kg machines.

10. What can't be put in the dryer?

A: Flammable items, such as items with rubber parts. Also, soaked items that have not been through a spin cycle.

11. What are the washing programs?

A: There are programs at 60º C, 40º C, 30º C, cold and wool.

12. What are the drying programs?

A: There are programs at high, medium and low temperatures.

13. Can I leave the clothes in the laundry room while it is being washed and dried?

A: Yes. The ironing person can keep guard. This service has an associated cost.

14. At the end of the washing and drying do you fold the clothes?

A: Yes. This service has an associated cost.

15. What are the forms of payment?

A: Payments for self-service are made at the payment center in two ways: in cash with coins or with bills (change available), and through the customer card that allows you to pay less. In the ironing room, besides cash, you can pay with MB WAY.

16. How do I acquire the customer card?

A: The payment center provides the customer card. It costs 20 euros, with 15 euros of balance. We offer the card in case you acquire it with a value of 40 euros or more. It does not expire and is rechargeable with any value.

17. Where is Concept Laundry? How do I get there?

A: Rua Maria Andrade, 11B, in Anjos, between the church and the restaurant Carvoaria Jacto. Bus 734, streetcar 28E and subway green line – Intendente or Anjos stations.