For your protection, this space has a Video Surveillance system.

Remove the clothes after using the machine so that another customer can use it. If you are not present, the next customer is authorized to remove the clothes and deposit them in the existing baskets.

Disappearing or damaged items are the user’s responsibility.

The users of the washing machines have priority in the dryers.

In this establishment there is a digital book of complaints and compliments.

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For invoice request please contact us by e-mail (with full name, address, NIF and service performed).

For additional information, please contact our customer service.



See the label of your clothes for the most suitable washing program.


Turn jeans and colored clothes inside out, and do not mix them with white clothes.

Check the pockets and remove any objects from them.

Address the most difficult stains before washing.

When filling up the machine don’t fill it completely, leave some room for better washing results.


Each drying cycle lasts 15 minutes. Depending on the density and amount of laundry, more than one cycle may be required.

Flammable materials should not be put in the dryer.

Clothes should go through a spin cycle before being placed in the dryer.

When filling up the machine don’t fill it completely, leave some room for better drying results.


Have clothes to donate?
Leave them here and we’ll take care of it!

Warm clothes, blankets, or any other kind of clothes: bring them to us and we’ll make the delivery to social welfare institutions in the neighborhood.